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Local Lodging Tax Reporting on Sales Return

Concerning the standardization of local lodging tax, and, in connection therewith, aligning reporting requirements related to remittance of a local lodging tax to reporting requirements for remittance of other local taxes.
2024 Regular Session
Local Government
Bill Summary

The act requires local taxing jurisdictions, which are limited to jurisdictions for which the department of revenue does not collect, administer, and enforce a local lodging tax, to apply the same reporting requirements or standards to an accommodation's intermediary as to a marketplace facilitator that is obligated to collect and remit a local lodging tax.

The act prohibits local taxing jurisdictions from requiring additional reporting information from an accommodation's intermediary. The act also prohibits a local taxing jurisdiction that has passed an applicable marketplace facilitator law from auditing a marketplace facilitator for sales facilitated by the marketplace at any time other than when the marketplace facilitator is filing tax returns with the local taxing jurisdiction.

The act does not prohibit a local taxing jurisdiction from requesting information maintained by an accommodation's intermediary that is in connection with an audit related to a local lodging tax or from requesting and obtaining additional information or data from a marketplace facilitator or accommodation's intermediary to be provided on a voluntary basis or prohibit a home rule municipality, for purposes unrelated to the administration of local taxes, from passing an ordinance regulating a marketplace facilitator or an accommodation's intermediary, including an ordinance governing the issuance of information or data by a marketplace facilitator or accommodation's intermediary to the home rule city.

APPROVED by Governor April 19, 2024

EFFECTIVE January 1, 2025
(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)


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