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Deceptive Tactics Juvenile Custodian Interrogation

Concerning prohibiting deceptive tactics during custodial interrogation of a juvenile.
2022 Regular Session
Children & Domestic Matters
Courts & Judicial
Bill Summary

The bill prohibits a law enforcement officer or an agent who assists, cooperates with, or otherwise facilitates a custodial interrogation ( interrogation) with a juvenile (law enforcement official) from using deception and false facts or beliefs (deception) to obtain a statement or admission from the juvenile. Any statement or admission obtained during the course of a juvenile custodial interrogation in which a law enforcement official knowingly uses deception is presumptively inadmissible against the juvenile in an evidentiary hearing unless the prosecution proves by clear and convincing evidence that the statement or admission was made voluntarily.

The bill requires law enforcement officials to electronically record all juvenile custodial interrogations. The bill instructs the P.O.S.T. board to develop an in-person interactive training program for peace officers on the uniform standards regarding interrogations of juveniles. The training must provide education for peace officers on juvenile development and culture and its impact on interrogations; interpreting juvenile behavior during an interrogation; techniques for building and establishing rapport during an interrogation; constructing age appropriate questions; and cautions and considerations for interrogating juveniles in custody.

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(Note: This summary applies to the reengrossed version of this bill as introduced in the second house.)




Bill Text

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