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Preserving Family Relationships In Child Placement

Concerning preserving familial connections in actions initiated pursuant to the children's code.
2021 Regular Session
Children & Domestic Matters
Human Services
Bill Summary

With respect to a hearing in dependency and neglect for a child under 6 years of age, the bill states that a court may find good cause for granting a delay or continuance if there is evidence that in-person visitation or services were significantly delayed or interrupted by a public health emergency.

When a child is taken into the custody of a county department of human or social services (county department) for allegations of neglect or for other reasons, the bill requires the court to enter temporary visitation orders with the child's parent if such orders are in the child's best interests. The bill sets forth the contents of those orders, including the minimum frequency and level of supervision of the visits. The court shall order ongoing, in-person visitation unless it finds that in-person visitation would endanger the child's health or welfare. Within 30 days after the initial hearing, the county department shall make recommendations to the court concerning ongoing visitation between the parent and child and between the child and the child's siblings. A parent is entitled to a hearing prior to an ongoing reduction in, suspension of, or increase in the level of supervision, including a change from in-person visitation to virtual visitation. The bill requires the court to enter visitation orders consistent with the bill in various phases of the court proceedings.

The bill sets forth requirements for an open adoption in Colorado, including provisions for entering into post-adoption contact agreements between a child and the child's birth parent or parents, a birth relative, or an Indian tribe if the child is a member. A post-adoption contact agreement may include provisions for contact, visitation, or the exchange of information. If a child is 12 years of age or older, the court shall not order a post-adoption contact agreement unless the child consents to all terms of the contact agreement. The bill includes provisions for the enforcement, modification, and termination of a post-adoption contact agreement.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)


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Rep. K. Ransom
Sen. J. Buckner