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Legislative Council Staff Initiative Fiscal Summary

Concerning the modification of fiscal information prepared by legislative council staff related to an initiated measure, and, in connection therewith, reducing an appropriation.
2020 Regular Session
Elections & Redistricting
Bill Summary

Currently, the director of research of the legislative council (director) is required to prepare a fiscal impact statement for every initiative that is submitted to the title board. An abstract of this information is required to be included on a petition section that is circulated for signatures. The act modifies this process by:

  • Requiring the director to prepare a fiscal summary that will appear on a petition section instead of an abstract;
  • Specifying that the fiscal summary must include a description of the measure's fiscal impact, including a preliminary estimate of any change in state and local government revenues, expenditures, taxes, or fiscal liabilities if implemented;
  • Requiring the director to provide the fiscal summary when a measure is submitted to the title board;
  • Requiring the director to only prepare the fiscal impact statement, which will not include an abstract, for those initiated measures for which the secretary of state has approved a petition section; and
  • Requiring the fiscal impact statement to be finished 14 days after the petition section was approved.

The act allows a proponent or registered elector to challenge a fiscal summary at a rehearing by the title board and the Colorado supreme court in the same manner as abstracts are challenged. The act requires the secretary of state to notify the director that a petition section for an initiative has been approved.

To implement the act, the general fund appropriation made in the annual legislative appropriation act for the 2020-21 state fiscal year to the legislative department for use by legislative council is decreased by $7,865, and the corresponding FTE is decreased by 0.1 FTE.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)


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