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County Public Safety Improvements Tax Elections

Concerning authorization for a county to submit a ballot question for a county public safety improvements tax at a biennial county or November odd-year election.
2017 Regular Session
Elections & Redistricting
Local Government
Bill Summary

Current law authorizes a county to propose a county public safety improvements tax by submitting a ballot question to the voters of the county at a general election only. The bill authorizes a county to also submit such a ballot question at a biennial county election or an election held in November of an odd-numbered year.

(Note: This summary applies to the reengrossed version of this bill as introduced in the second house.)


Became Law


Bill Text

  • All Versions (7 )
    Date Bill Type Documents
    05/24/2017 Signed Act PDF
    05/23/2017 Final Act PDF
    05/09/2017 Rerevised PDF
    05/08/2017 Revised PDF
    04/28/2017 Reengrossed PDF
    04/27/2017 Engrossed PDF
    04/17/2017 Introduced PDF


Sponsor Type Legislators
Prime Sponsor

Rep. A. Benavidez
Sen. L. Crowder



Rep. M. Gray, Rep. L. Herod, Rep. E. Hooton

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