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Graywater Regulation Exemption For Scientific Research

Concerning an exemption from the water quality control commission's graywater control regulations for graywater used for the purpose of scientific research involving human exposure.
2017 Regular Session
Bill Summary

Water Resources Review Committee. The water quality control commission in the department of public health and environment (commission) is responsible for developing requirements, prohibitions, and standards that protect public health and water quality for the use of graywater for nondrinking purposes. Scientific research on graywater that might involve graywater uses and systems that do not strictly comply with the requirements, prohibitions, and standards developed by the commission would not be permitted under the control regulations.

To facilitate scientific research related to graywater uses and systems, the bill creates an exemption from the commission's graywater control regulations for scientific research whereby a water utility, an institution of higher education in Colorado, or a public or private entity that a water utility or an institution of higher education in Colorado contracts with to conduct graywater research may collect, treat, and use graywater for purposes of scientific research if the entity:

  • Utilizes a graywater treatment works system that incorporates a secondary water supply to provide an alternative source of water if any portion of the system does not function properly; however, scientific research involving the use of graywater exclusively for irrigation purposes need not incorporate a secondary water supply; and
  • Collects, treats, and uses graywater in accordance with the terms and conditions of the decrees, contracts, and well permits applicable to the use of the source water rights or source water and any return flows.

Only an institution of higher education or a person contracting with an institution of higher education may collect, treat, and use graywater for research involving human exposure.

The entity conducting the research is required to report to the water resources review committee on an annual basis the results of periodic monitoring conducted to assess the continued functioning of the graywater treatment works system used in the project and, if the scientific research involves human exposure, the project's compliance with federal rules concerning the protection of human research subjects.

(Note: This summary applies to the reengrossed version of this bill as introduced in the second house.)


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