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Caucus & Election Dates On Variable Message Signs

Concerning a requirement that the department of transportation post messages about precinct caucus and statewide election dates on its variable messaging signs.
2016 Regular Session
Elections & Redistricting
Transportation & Motor Vehicles
Bill Summary

Subject to specified limitations, the bill requires the department of transportation (CDOT) to display messages about the date of upcoming precinct caucuses and general, primary, or statewide odd-year elections on its variable message signs. CDOT must display the messages for the week up to and including the date of the caucus or election, and the secretary of state must notify CDOT of each upcoming precinct caucus and election date and the message display requirement no later than 21 days before the precinct caucus or election date.

The specified limitations are that:
  • The requirement to display precinct caucus and election date messages does not alter any procedures or requirements specified in law or in department of public safety or CDOT administrative rules or limit CDOT's discretion concerning the display of emergency alerts on its variable message signs;
  • CDOT may give priority to such alerts and to other safety related messages, including messages regarding adverse weather or road conditions, over the precinct caucus and election date messages; and
  • CDOT may not display the precinct caucus and election date messages:
  • Unless it obtains federal approval from the U.S. department of transportation (USDOT) or one of its agencies; or
  • If USDOT or one of its agencies advise CDOT that displaying the messages will result in the reduction of federal aid highway funds to the state.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)




Bill Text

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