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2021 Bills Authorized by Sponsors for Pre-release

A bill is confidential until introduced, but can be released in advance by its sponsors.  The following bills will be introduced in the House and Senate during the first regular session of the 73rd General Assembly and have been authorized by their sponsors to be released in advance of introduction.  These bills do not represent a complete list of legislation that will be introduced during the regular session.

Senate Bills

Bill sponsorship may change prior to introduction.
Click on a LLS or bill number to read the bill.
LLS Number* Bill Number Sponsors Bill Topic
21-0100 SB 21-040 Scott Driver's History Profession Or Occupation Decision
21-0114 SB 21-079 Sonnenberg
Deregulate Meat Sales Direct To Consumers
21-0240 SB 21-058 Story
Woodrow & Larson
Approval Of Alternative Principal Programs
21-0244 SB 21-026 Moreno
Restoration Of Honor Act
21-0245 SB 21-018 Moreno
Continutation Of Necessary Document Program
21-0308 SB 21-063 Sonnenberg Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements Offer Ins
21-0323 SB 21-075 Gardner
Tipper & Young
Supported Decision-making Agreement
21-0350 SB 21-070 Moreno
County Authority To Register Businesses
21-0358 SB 21-065 Liston
Gasoline & Special Fuels Tax Info Disclosure
21-0401 SB 21-006 Rodriguez
Soper & Titone
Human Remains Natural Reduction Soil
21-0403 SB 21-022
Bridges & Smallwood
Snyder & McKean
Notification Requirements For HCPF Audit
21-0411   Smallwood
Local Government Authority Roughed-in Roads
21-0460 SB 21-021 Buckner & Hisey
Young & Carver
Audiology & Speech-language Interstate Compact
21-0473 SB 21-038
Zenzinger & Smallwood
Kennedy & Van Winkle
Expansion of Complementary & Alternative Medicine
21-0480 SB 21-015 Cooke & Garcia Veterans Service Org Stipend For Funeral Services
21-0510 SB 21-008 Simpson
Valdez D. & Holtorf
Remove Junior From Certain College Names
21-0539 SB 21-029 Fenberg
Garnett & Benavidez
Colorado American Indian Tribes In-stateTuition
21-0554 SB 21-076 Scott Fund Electronic Third-party Vehicle Transactions
21-0589 SB 21-019 Kolker & Simpson
Tipper & Rich
Authorize Notices Of Valuation On Postcard
21-0615 SB 21-068 Gardner & Lee
Soper & Snyder
Enactment Of CRS 2020
* The "LLS Number" is the internal number used by the Office of Legislative Legal Services for bill drafts prior to being introduced.

The effective date for bills enacted without a safety clause is August 7, 2024, if the General Assembly adjourns sine die on May 8, 2024, unless otherwise specified. Details