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Date: 01/21/2016


Update on the Commission on Uniform State Laws


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01:36 PM -- Update on the Commission on Uniform State Laws

Representative McCann called the meeting to order. Anne McGihon, Chair, Colorado Commission on Uniform State Laws, and Tom Morris, Secretary, Colorado Commission on Uniform State Laws, presented on Joint Rule 25 and uniform state laws. Mr. Morris referenced a handout (Attachment A) and explained Joint Rule 25 to the committee. He gave an overview of the Colorado Commission on Uniform State Laws, and explained that attorneys and legislators serve as commissioners. He explained the purpose of the commission and the statutory authority of the commission to create state laws.

160121 AttachA.pdf160121 AttachA.pdf

01:41 PM

Ms. McGihon gave an overview of the national Uniform Law Commission. The Commission has 375 members across the country. She described the Commission's annual meetings, during which uniform laws are proposed and voted on. She noted that stakeholder input is taken into account when creating uniform laws, and a drafting committee is formed to review draft bills. She explained that after discussion and revisions, draft uniform laws become acts of the Commission. Ms. McGihon noted that the acts are discussed by stakeholders at the state level.

01:48 PM

Ms. McGihon described five uniform laws to the committee that will be introduced during the 2016 legislative session. She explained that the uniform laws include a digital assets act, a power of attorney act, a student athlete act, a trust decanting act, and recognition of Canadian domestic violence orders act. She noted that it is important for states to maintain jurisdiction through uniform laws, and provided examples of uniform laws, including the uniform commercial code and child support laws.

01:55 PM

In response to questions, Ms. McGihon discussed uniform laws that have not been introduced in Colorado, including the landlord-tenant act.