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Date: 01/08/2016


Presentation from Results First Regarding the Child Welfare System


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03:57 PM -- Presentation from Results First Regarding the Child Welfare System

Ann Renaud, Governor's Office of State Planning and Budgeting, presented on the Results First Initiative. She referenced a handout that was provided for the committee (Attachment M). She gave an overview of the Results First Initiative, its inception, employees, and program approach. She explained that under the Initiative, adult criminal justice, juvenile justice, and child welfare programs have been reviewed. She summarized the program inventories, and noted that 47 percent of programs reviewed use evidence based practices. These programs were modeled by the Initiative for cost-benefit. Ms. Renaud described the results of the cost-benefit model for each program area.

160108 AttachM.pdf160108 AttachM.pdf

04:03 PM

Ms. Renaud responded to questions from the committee on the restorative justice program. She explained the return on investment formula and how it works for state run organizations and child welfare. She explained that the model is used as a cost avoidance tool. Ms. Renaud explained the child welfare programs analysis. She explained that the four programs analyzed have a positive return on investment.

04:11 PM

In response to a question, Ms. Renaud explained that the Pew Charitable Trust provides funding for the Initiative. The Initiative is looking to foundations and the General Assembly for future funding. Currently, the Initiative is working with departments to incorporate the model and build long term evaluation capacity in the state. Committee discussion followed about the negative impact programs identified by the Initiative. Ms. Renaud noted that the Department of Corrections has reviewed the analysis from the Initiative, and is working on improving programs that were analyzed. Ms. Renaud advised that more details on program analysis were available and full report is available on-line.

04:16 PM

Representative McCann adjourned the meeting.