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Date: 01/08/2016


SMART Government Act Briefing for CDPHE


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10:07 AM -- SMART Government Act Briefing for CDPHE

Dr. Larry Wolk, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), introduced himself and provided a presentation handout (Attachment D). Additionally, a copy of the CDPHE FY 2015-16 Implementation Plan (Attachment E) and 2016 CDPHE Regulatory Agenda (Attachment F) were distributed to the committee. Dr. Wolk referenced the FY 2014-15 Annual Report and the Governor's Health Plan. He highlighted the department's efforts to address oral health and obesity. Dr. Wolk discussed the department's efforts related to substance abuse and mental health, including the work of the Office of Suicide Prevention, and the department's work related to prescribing and dispensing of opioids. He outlined the department's work related to environment permitting, inspection, and monitoring.

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10:18 AM

Dr. Wolk discussed the Healthy Eating Active Living Program and the strategies of the program related to diabetes prevention. He discussed the department's strategies for addressing mental health and substance abuse. He referenced the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Dr. Wolk discussed the efforts of CDPHE and the Suicide Prevention Commission to address suicide prevention. He reviewed the department's efforts related to healthier air and clean air. He discussed the department's business technology team. He explained how the department is working to promote health equity and environmental justice, including providing language services. Dr. Wolk discussed the department's performance management system and the data that is tracked through the system.

10:30 AM

Dr. Wolk outlined the department's legislative priorities, which include addressing radon risks and uranium mill tailings. He discussed the evidential breath alcohol testing. Dr. Wolk referenced potential legislation related to marijuana edibles, air ambulances, and immunization reporting.

10:35 AM

Dr. Wolk provided an update on the implementation of House Bill 14-1360, concerning the continuation of regulation of home care agencies by CDPHE. He highlighted the upcoming rule changes related to home care agencies.

10:37 AM

Dr. Wolk answered questions about pesticides used on marijuana. He discussed health information exchanges in response to a question about electronic access to medical records. Mr. Wolk answered questions about the long-acting reversible contraceptive program.

10:49 AM

Dr. Wolk addressed questions about the ability of the CDPHE to provide assistance in setting up a lactation room at the Capitol. Representative Primavera discussed the Legislative Cancer Caucus and the Colorado Cancer Plan. Committee discussion with Dr. Work ensued.

11:04 AM

Dr. Wolk answered questions about non-tobacco nicotine products, health information exchanges, emissions testing for hybrid vehicles, and the federal Clean Power Plan. He answered questions about the potential immunization-related legislation, fetal tissue regulation, and the Colorado Medication Take-Back Program. Dr. Wolk responded to questions about waste tires and the paint care program.

11:20 AM

Shannon Breitzman, CDPHE, and Dr. Wolk provided information about the Colorado Medication Take-Back Program. Discussion ensued about prescription drug abuse, heroin use, and marijuana edibles. Dr. Wolk responded to a questions about Krabbe Disease, oil and gas inspections, and radon mitigation. In response to questions, Dr. Wolk further discussed the Colorado Medication Take-Back Program, Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, and marijuana edibles.