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j_cdc_2017a_2017-02-07t07:31:52z2 Hearing Summary

Date: 02/07/2017

Location: SCR 357


Meeting with the Joint Budget Committee


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08:02 AM -- Meeting with the Joint Budget Committee

The Capital Development Committee (CDC) entered into a discussion with the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) on a variety of capital-related topics. Senator Lambert, JBC Chair, opened a discussion about certain JBC Staff-initiated recommendations. Committee members received draft legislation concerning the establishment of minimum appropriation amounts for certain types of capital construction based on a percentage of the current replacement value of state buildings (Attachment D); and draft legislation concerning a requirement that the General Assembly make controlled maintenance appropriations for every state agency and state institution of higher education in a single line item to the Department of Personnel (Attachment E). Senator Lambert provided background on these issues. Senator Lambert referenced two memoranda prepared by JBC Staff: (1) Additional information for legislation recommendation - Minimum Appropriations for Recapitalization (Attachment F); and (2) State Agency Buildings and Higher Ed Buildings - Controlled Maintenance and Recapitalization to Current Replacement Value Comparison Analyses (Attachment G). Discussion ensued regarding the need for improving the capital construction planning process to improve funding for the capital budget. Discussion followed regarding the legislative proposal to require minimum levels of appropriations to be dedicated to maintaining or restoring the state's current building inventory.

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08:15 AM

Discussion continued regarding the bill addressing minimum appropriation amounts, the ramifications of adopting the legislation, and the potential for tying the disposition of vacant state buildings to constructing new buildings. The discussion included potential funding sources for state building maintenance.

08:25 AM

Discussion continued regarding exploring funding sources for state building maintenance, and how drawing down the current vacant building inventory might assist this purpose. Discussion ensued regarding the use of moneys that may become available when the certificates of participation payments for Colorado State Penitentiary II expire, and consolidation of certain Department of Corrections capital assets. Discussion returned to the plan for using or disposing of vacant state buildings, as outlined in Attachment B. Discussion followed regarding the FY 2017-18 controlled maintenance requests.

08:39 AM

Discussion continued regarding the disposal of vacant buildings and funding for the upkeep of the remaining state capital inventory. The discussion turned to the FY 2017-18 capital construction budget, and capital spending priorities.

08:52 AM

Senator Lambert provided closing remarks about the discussion on spending for capital investment.

08:54 AM

The committee adjourned.