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j_cbac_2017a_2017-08-18t13:32:46z6 Hearing Summary

Date: 08/18/2017

Location: SCR 357


Staff Updates


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Support the proposed replacement of the light fixt

02:17 PM -- Staff Updates

Mr. Lance Shepherd, Department of Personnel and Administration, discussed a proposal to replace the light fixtures for the grand stairwell in the Capitol building. Committee members received a historical photograph and drawings of the proposed light fixtures (Attachment D). Mr. Shepherd noted that History Colorado has recommended simplifications of the proposed design. He further explained that plastic pieces on the current fixtures are broken.

Attachment D.pdfAttachment D.pdf

Senator Grantham clarified that the proposal would be changed to replace the etched glass with frosted glass. Mr. Turner discussed the reasons for History Colorado's recommended changes, which help distinguish historic features from replacements. Mr. Shepherd added that the new fixtures would be marked with the date when they were added.

In response to a question, Mr. Damion Pechota, Legislative Council Staff, noted that the photograph probably dates to 1898 or 1899. Ms. Ameen and Mr. Shepherd explained that historic portions of the bases would remain in place.

BILL: Staff Updates
TIME: 02:25:50 PM
MOVED: Marilyn Eddins
MOTION: Support the proposed replacement of the light fixtures. The motion passed without objection.
SECONDED: Georgianna Contiguglia
Aly Jabrocki
David Halaas
Effie Ameen
Gary Petri
Georgianna Contiguglia
Kurt Morrison
Marilyn Eddins
Rick Lee
Steve Turner
Frank McNulty

02:26 PM

Mr. Ernest House, Jr., Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs, provided an update on the Sand Creek Massacre Memorial. He reminded the committee that the General Assembly adopted Senate Joint Resolution 17-106, and he noted that an annual consultation with tribes would be held at History Colorado in October. He noted that the tribes continue to look at design elements and location options. Final recommendations will be brought to the committee after consultations are complete.

Mr. Lee thanked Mr. House for his work on this issue and others.

02:30 PM

Mr. Pechota provided additional updates to the committee. He noted that committee members received copies of the committee's annual report (Attachment E) and artwork condition report (Attachment F). He discussed the committee's funds available for small capital projects and described some of these projects.

Attachment E.pdfAttachment E.pdf Attachment F.pdfAttachment F.pdf

Mr. Pechota explained that the case holding the Women's Gold tapestry will be repainted, and he noted his plans to seek a quote for a new frame for the lark bunting painting on the first floor. Ms. Eddins suggested a frame that could possibly be used for this purpose.

Mr. Pechota told the committee that the portrait of Governor Carlson will be restored. He requested permission to begin updates to the committee's Criteria and Procedures document. Representative Lontine, Mr. Pechota, and Mr. Lee discussed office numbering in the Capitol building, noting that changes require modifying the fire panels in the building.

Mr. Pechota updated the committee on the grant for the cultural landscape assessment, the new Facebook page for the Capitol, and the recent acquisition of historic display cases from History Colorado.

02:39 PM

Ms. Jackson noted the committee's upcoming meeting dates.

Ms. Eddins told committee members about some items that have recently been returned to the Capitol building.

02:42 PM

The committee adjourned.