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j_cbac_2017a_2017-08-18t13:32:46z3 Hearing Summary

Date: 08/18/2017

Location: SCR 357


Discussion of Capitol Cafeteria and Café Space


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01:51 PM -- Discussion of Capitol Cafeteria and Café Space

Mr. Kenny Parish, representing the Business Enterprise Program (BEP), provided an overview of the program and its role in managing the Capitol cafeteria. He provided a packet of information to the committee (Attachment B).

Attachment B.pdfAttachment B.pdf

Mr. McNulty suggested that a strategic plan be prepared for the space. Mr. Parish agreed to help with such a process. Mr. Parish further discussed the challenges the space faces, including limitations under the City and County of Denver's health code.

Representative Lontine expressed frustration with the food selection in the cafeteria, while recognizing the limitations of the space. Ms. Contiguglia requested additional information about how many people the Capitol cafeteria serves and how that varies during the year. Ms. Ameen and Mr. Parish discussed the role of the BEP in maintaining the cafeteria space, including the tables and chairs.

Mr. Parish responded to questions from Mr. Turner regarding the requirements of the BEP and its application in other state buildings. He noted that museums are exempt as higher education facilities, since History Colorado is part of the Department of Higher Education. Mr. Lee provided additional information about the relationship between the BEP and Capitol building staff.

02:02 PM

Mr. Parish explained that Denver's health rules have limited the program's ability to prepare food off-site and move it to the Capitol building. Mr. Aaron Youngblood, representing the BEP, responded to questions from Ms. Contiguglia about the applicability of Denver's health rules to state buildings. Mr. Lee noted other areas where state facilities do have to follow city and county requirements.

Mr. McNulty recommended further meetings with committee members, legislators, and staff to make plans before the legislative session. Ms. Julia Jackson, Legislative Council Staff, agreed to follow up with members to pursue this.