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i_wrrc_2017a_2017-09-06t09:01:07z2 Hearing Summary

Date: 09/06/2017

Location: SCR 357


Reclaimed Water Regulations


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11:41 AM -- Reclaimed Water Regulations

Abigail Antolovich, Engineering Manager, Denver Water, discussed Denver Water's nonpotable water recycling project that provides water for irrigation, electric generation, and other purposes (Attachment E). She also discussed the water management policy known as One Water,which emphasizes green infrastructure and resource recovery, including water reuse. She discussed the urban water supply gap related to Colorado's growing population and explained how water reuse may help reduce that gap. She also identified states that allow reused water to be applied to edible crops and for other purposes.

Attachment E.pdfAttachment E.pdf

11:51 AM

Sybil Sharvelle, Associate Professor, Colorado State University, identified several states that allow use of reused water to flush toilets and discussed federal guidelines for water reuse that were developed by the EPA.

11:54 AM

Shannon Spurlock, Community Initiatives Coordinator, Denver Urban Gardens, discussed the benefits of using reused water for urban gardens (Attachment F). She also recommended that allowable uses for reused water under Regulation 84 be expanded to include irrigation for edible crops. She explained how farm-to-school programs can help promote water conservation and good nutrition among students. She also explained how the public can become more accepting of nonpotable reuse to irrigate food crops.

Attachment F.pdfAttachment F.pdf

12:02 PM

Ms. Antolovich responded to questions from the committee about nonpotable uses of reused water under Colorado regulations and other potential uses for reused water.

12:05 PM

The committee recessed.

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