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Date: 08/23/2017



Implementation of Colorado Water Plan


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02:52 PM -- Implementation of Colorado Water Plan

Becky Mitchell, Executive Director, Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB), introduced herself to the committee and gave a brief background of the Colorado Water Plan (CWP). Ms. Mitchell distributed a copy of chapter 10 of the plan (Attachment E), which consists of the plan's critical action plan and a fact sheet providing an update on the implementation of the plan (Attachment F). Ms. Mitchell discussed the supply and demand gap progress and how the Water Supply Reserve Fund has helped to fund water supply projects. Ms. Mitchell discussed the upcoming Statewide Water Supply Initiative update and how the methodology of that study will change as a result of the CWP. Ms. Mitchell discussed progress made with respect to conservation and land use, mentioning Regulation 84 regarding reclaimed water. She discussed the water plan's progress in agriculture and storage and stated how the new water supply planning and permitting process has improved water resource management in the state. Ms. Mitchell also discussed progress made with regards to watershed health and management and provided an update of the funding for goals and measurable actions in the plan. Ms. Mitchell's presentation can be accessed online at Implementing Colorado's Water Plan story map.

Attachment E.pdfAttachment E.pdf Attachment F.pdfAttachment F.pdf

03:10 PM

John Stulp, Governor's Special Policy Advisor on Water, discussed additional CWP progress. He specifically mentioned the Tap-In program as a way that CWCB is reaching out to water providers and water users to find innovative solutions to water issues. Mr. Stulp responded to questions regarding storage goals found in the water plan. Ms. Mitchell responded to questions from the committee concerning funding for water infrastructure projects in smaller, rural communities. She also further discussed the upcoming SWSI study update and provided a current timeline for the study. Ms. Mitchell responded to questions regarding the overall cost of the water plan implementation and discussed how water providers, water utilities, and others share the cost of implementing the plan. Mr. Stulp discussed recent legislation expanding the ability of the CWCB to address water quality and water treatment, rather than just water supply.

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