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i_wrrc_2017a_2017-08-02t09:01:43z1 Hearing Summary

Date: 08/02/2017

Location: SCR 357


Arkansas River Management Issues


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10:05 AM -- Arkansas River Management Issues

Jack Goble, Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District, discussed proposed water storage projects using excess capacity in the John Martin Reservoir and explained how these projects will enable Colorado to meet its obligations under the Arkansas River Compact (Attachment C). He also discussed the uses of John Martin Reservoir to store agriculture water and provide recreation and identified water levels in the reservoir for the previous 50 years. He also discussed the Colorado Water Users Account that would create a 40,000 acre-feet (AF) storage account in John Martin Reservoir and identified potential users of the additional water. He also explained how the account would benefit farmers and municipalities in the Arkansas River Basin, as well as benefit water users in Kansas.

Attachment C.pdfAttachment C.pdf

10:17 AM

Jim Broderick, Executive Director, Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District, discussed the Frying Pan-Arkansas Project and the proposed Arkansas Valley Conduit (AVC) Project. The purpose of the AVC is to deliver a bulk water supply pipeline to meet existing and future municipal and industrial water demands of the AVC participants. He discussed the AVC feasibility study and explained how it will be funded. He also discussed the need for additional federal appropriations to pay for the project and provided an update on the development of a hydroelectric power facility for Pueblo Reservoir that is expected to be completed next year. He also discussed a proposed project to create an additional outlet in the Pueblo Reservoir and efforts to recover storage lost in Pueblo Reservoir due to sedimentation.