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Date: 08/16/2016


Graywater Use Research Legislation


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11:18 AM -- Proposed Legislation Concerning Graywater Use Research

The committee came back to order. Sybil Sharvelle, Colorado State University (CSU) Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, explained that Aspen Hall on the CSU campus was built with graywater use capabilities for a pilot project. Graywater is a portion of the water used in a residential, commercial or industrial building that is collected after the first use and put to a second beneficial use. Aspen Hall's system is designed to use graywater from showers to flush toilets. However, the project is not authorized under current law. She proposed legislation to allow graywater use for research purposes.

11:40 AM

Theresa Conner, Colorado State University, discussed graywater use in Florida and federal regulation of research projects that involve humans. She also discussed the potential benefits of graywater use to address Colorado's growing water demand. Ms. Conner responded to questions from the committee about measures to ensure that graywater use does not impact public health.

11:47 AM

Pat Pfaltzgraff, Director, Water Quality Control Division, discussed the regulation of graywater use and responded to questions from the committee regarding the Water Quality Control Commission's rulemaking process. He explained that the Water Quality Control Commission adopted Regulation 86 concerning graywater control is 2015 to implement House Bill 13-1044 that authorized the commission to promulgate a regulation with standards for the use of graywater. Graywater is defined in the law as wastewater collected within a building from sources other than toilets and urinals, kitchen sinks, dishwashers, and nonlaundry utility sinks. Under this law, counties and municipalities may adopt local legislation to allow graywater use.

11:53 AM

Ms. Sharvelle responded to questions from the committee about the health impacts of graywater use in the Aspen Hall.

11:56 AM

Melanie Criswell, Water Quality Control Division, responded to questions from the committee about the Water Quality Control Commission's rulemaking process and when it could consider revisions to its graywater use regulations.

12:01 PM

The committee recessed.

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