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i_wmrc_2017a_2017-10-27t09:46:04z4 Hearing Summary

Date: 10/27/2017

Location: SCR 352


Colorado and Utah Wildfire Budget Process


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11:01 AM -- Colorado and Utah Wildfire Budget Process

Mike Morgan, Director, Division of Fire Prevention and Control, provided an overview of the budget process for Colorado compared to Utah's budget process concerning wildfires. He distributed a handout of his presentation (Attachment G). Director Morgan provided an overview of the Emergency Fire Fund (EFF) incidents.

171027 AttachG.pdf171027 AttachG.pdf

11:10 AM --
Vaughn Jones, Division Fire Prevention and Control, spoke on the resources available for emergency wildfire response. He provided an overview of the management officers located throughout the state.

Chief Jones answered a question regarding water enhancers used to combat wildfires.

11:20 AM

Director Morgan spoke on the current state statutes regarding emergency response.

Director Morgan answered a question regarding wildfires on federal land and the emergency fire funds. He also answered questions regarding the responsibilities of responding to a wildfire.

Director Morgan discussed the containment resources available when wildfires exceed local government capabilities. He also discussed the funding of containment equipment and resources.

11:31 AM

Chief Jones answered questions regarding aircraft response on federal land. He also answered a question concerning the timing of deploying aircraft.

The committee discussed federal use of aircraft for wildfires

11:35 AM --
Jeff Sorkin, United States Forest Service, answered questions from the committee regarding the use of equipment in wildfires.

Senator Jones spoke on current challenges regarding wildfires and suppression.

Director Morgan discussed the resources available for initial attacks for wildfire control. He provided an overview of wildfires and their causes for the 2016 wildfire season. He talked about the ways the division assists local governments.

11:45 AM

Director Morgan provided an overview of the EFF, which is paid by local government entities to provide funding for wildfire emergency responses. He discussed the process for when the EFF is depleted of funds and the determination of a state responsibility fire.

Director Morgan answered a question from the committee regarding complications for wildfire response. He spoke about the need of stakeholders to be more proactive about addressing issues with wildfires.

A memorandum from the Joint Budget Committee regarding the costs for mitigation, suppression, and recovery was distributed to the committee (Attachment H).

171027 AttachH.pdf171027 AttachH.pdf

11:56 AM

The committee members discussed the issues with public education on wildfire risks.

Director Morgan discussed the importance for mitigation work.

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