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i_wmrc_2017a_2017-09-08t09:34:10z8 Hearing Summary

Date: 09/08/2017

Location: SCR 357


Utah Wildfire Program


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02:12 PM -- Utah Wildfire Program

Brian Cottam, Director, Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands, called into the committee. He provided a presentation (Attachment E) and information on Utah's wildfire programs (Attachment F). Mr. Cottam discussed the changes made in Utah to address the wildfire needs. Specifically, he talked about the costs related to wildfire, including suppression and mitigation costs.

170908 AttachE.pdf170908 AttachE.pdf170908 AttachF.pdf170908 AttachF.pdf

02:28 PM

Mr. Cottam provided an overview of the Catastrophic Wildfire Program (Catfire). Mr. Cottam discussed the risk assessment initiatives.

02:41 PM

Mr. Cottam provided an overview of legislative funding for wildfire issues. He discussed the wildfire risk assessment portal Mr. Cottam provided an overview of the legislation passed in Utah on wildfire issues since 2014.

02:57 PM

Mr. Cottam provided an overview of the agreement between the state and local governments regarding wildland fire policy.

Mr. Cottam answered questions from the committee regarding the funding from CatFire compared to other state funding. He also answered a question regarding the County Fire Warden position.

03:05 PM

Mr. Cottam answered a question regarding the mutual aide and cooperative agreements.

03:08 PM --
Mike Morgan, Director, Division of Fire Prevention and Control, came to the table to answer some questions.

03:12 PM

The committee adjourned.

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