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i_sfinance_2017a_2017-11-09t09:07:09z2 Hearing Summary

Date: 11/09/2017

Location: LSB B


Federal Resources


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11:09 AM -- Federal Resources

Chris Cross of C&J presented on Federal Program Funding and federal involvement with public education in Colorado. The discussion revolved around the people and issues that historically shaped the federal role in education since WWII. Primarily, federal involvement was less about education issues and more about national security, race and religion, poverty, transportation, but not specifically as a result of federal education policy; that occurred later with things like NCLB. Many of the programs that initiate from the federal government are a result of perceived failures of states to address certain social or national interest issues.

11:30 AM

Members of the committee asked questions of the consultants and discussed the issue of federal mandates (and funding or lack thereof) was discussed. Also discussed was federal funding involvement, specifically related to IDEA, where the federal law requires state actions but federal funding doesn't fully cover cost. In some cases, federal mandates changed into federal incentive programs (e.g., Race to the Top) which had dynamic impacts across education systems; maybe more than the federal mandates have. Committee had several questions and dialogued with consultants on federal funding issues; C&J gave a breakdown of the federal dollars in Colorado, about $700 million and about 8% of total school funding. This is spread across ESSA, IDEA, and PerkinsIV

11:50 AM

Committee continued with some discussion of the historical origins of federal dollars in education.