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i_sfinance_2017a_2017-07-24t08:32:27z4 Hearing Summary

Date: 07/24/2017



Discussion: Organizing the Work and Sub Committees


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10:28 AM -- Discussion: Organizing the Work and Sub Committees

The committee discussed the creation of subcommittees. The first committee discussed creating a subcommittee to work on evaluative criteria for selecting the vendor. Sen Zenzinger suggested discussing the criteria for selection at this current meeting, prior to the vendor proposal subcommitee meeting. Rep Garnett remarked that legislation allows but does not require subcommittees. Rep Garnett opened up discussion of possible evaluative criteria the subcommittee should use. Rep Hamner suggested going back to the original RFP and asked what criteria are described in the request. Josh Abram, LCS, explained that the RFP lifted the language of 1340 to describe the committee's charge, and posed an open question to vendors to explain how they propose to assist the committee to meet that charge.

Sen Zenzinger asked if the current proposals are inadequate and wondered why are we re-posting if the criteria was explicit in the RFP? Rep Buckner expressed her desire that the committee broadened the field, knowing that there are other vendors that would want to apply but did not reply on the first release of the RFP.

Rep Lundeen remarked that subcommittees are fundamental aspects of the bigger issue. Sen Hill suggested that members may wish to focus on specific issues of school finance and should think about the subcommittees they are interested in creating. Chairs want to allow each member of the committee to champion the issue(s) most important to them.