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i_sfinance_2017a_2017-07-24t08:32:27z3 Hearing Summary

Date: 07/24/2017



Discussion: RFP Vendor Proposals


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10:06 AM -- Discussion: RFP Vendor Proposals (Continued)

Rep Garnett again discussed re-posting the RFP and working with staff to create a process allowing time to enter into a contract to meet the September 1 deadline. This would include allowing presentations from vendors either at next interim committee meeting, or at a subcommittee meeting. Sen Hill also suggested that we ask respondents to focus on a project management, instead of school finance expertise. If we are going to ask for public presentation from vendors, perhaps a video presentation with predetermined questions to use as a web based interview process? Sen Zenzinger remarked that if we want less prescriptive proposals, we should be able to work with the existing vendors/respondents who would be flexible to modify bids in order to work with the committee.

Rep Garnett asked if there are more thoughts about re-posting the RFP? Sen Hill suggested working with staff to pare back scope of the RFP into a project management request. This may open up potential vendors. Rep Leonard also saw value in re-posting a revised RFP and a web based interview process.

Rep Garnett asked if committee wants to re-post. All the members seem to agree. Sen Hill asked if we can we do a web based interview and does this count against the total number of formal meetings allowed by the enacting legislation (HB 1340)?

10:19 AM

Sen Merrifield asked about getting more money to put into the RFP? Is there a way to access this money? Sen Zenzinger asked a process question: can the committee burn another meeting against the 5 meeting limit to discuss the RFP? This would need to be answered by OLLS. Todd Herried addressed the money question. The amount appropriated is the amount the committee must work with. Rep Garnett asked Todd if a meeting to discuss RFP would count against 5 limit? Todd does not have an answer on extra meetings. Sen Gardner suggested a contract with expansion clause which would then need to be appropriated during 2018 session.

Sen Zenzinger wondered if a subcommittee could include all members of the interim and this way to add extra meetings to discuss specifically the vendor. Sen Gardner suggested giving the chairs the authority to make these decisions to avoid the heartburn of additional meetings.