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i_sentencingreform_2017a_2017-09-13t09:17:49z6 Hearing Summary

Date: 09/13/2017

Location: RM 271


Community Corrections


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02:09 PM -- Community Corrections

Ms. Christie Donner, Director, Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition; Mr. Glenn Tapia, Director, Office of Community Corrections, Division of Criminal Justice, Department of Public Safety; Ms. Melissa Roberts, Parole Director, Department of Corrections; Mr. Travis Trani, Director of Prisons, Department of Corrections; and Ms. Alexandra Walker, Colorado State Board of Parole, discussed efforts on the part of a community corrections working group to address certain issues associated with community corrections, including a supposed surplus of 400 community corrections beds that sit unused. Ms. Donner framed the issues, and provided an overview of the efforts of this working group. Mr. Tapia discussed some statistics and trends associated with community corrections, and addressed the issue of open beds within community corrections.

02:22 PM

Ms. Roberts discussed the fragmented nature of community corrections, and the criteria involved in community corrections placement. Mr. Trani discussed some areas being investigated by the working group, such as reasons why offenders may waive a referral to community corrections, and staging of offenders for transition to community corrections. Discussion ensued regarding rejections of community corrections candidates.

02:36 PM

Discussion ensued regarding the incentive structure for hosting offenders in community corrections, and bottlenecks within the process that may be keeping offenders out of community corrections. Ms. Walker provided the parole perspective on community corrections. Mr. Joe Morales, chair, Colorado State Board of Parole, responded to questions regarding trends in parole eligibility.

02:55 PM

Ms. Walker responded to questions regarding efforts on the part of the State Board of Parole in facilitating community corrections referral. Ms. Roberts and Mr. Trani provided input on this issue.