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Date: 09/13/2017

Location: RM 271


Restorative Justice


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01:31 PM -- Restorative Justice

Mr. Matthew Riede, State Restorative Justice Coordinator, and Ms. Melissa Westover, Chair, Colorado Restorative Justice Coordinating Council, and Manager and Executive Director of the Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership, briefed the committee on restorative justice. Committee members received a packet of slides forming the basis of the presentation (Attachment B). Mr. Riede walked the committee through the presentation, explaining what constitutes restorative justice and outlining its benefits. Ms. Westover provided input on the harm element involved in restorative justice, and responded to questions regarding what constitutes "community" under the restorative justice concept.

170913 AttachB.pdf170913 AttachB.pdf

01:43 PM

Mr. Riede outlined the principles of restorative justice, and the restorative justice process. He then cited some statistics on restorative justice efforts in Colorado. Ms. Westover provided input on this process. Discussion ensued regarding the success of restorative justice in the state.

01:59 PM

Mr. Riede explained high-risk victim-offender dialogue, and discussed some restorative justice resources available in Colorado. Mr. Riede and Ms. Westover responded to questions regarding the use of restorative justice among the adult population and for more serious crimes.