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i_sentencingreform_2017a_2017-08-09t09:04:26z7 Hearing Summary

Date: 08/09/2017

Location: SCR 357


Public Testimony


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03:24 PM -- Public Testimony

Mr. Tom Sullivan testified to the committee. Mr. Sullivan discussed certain aspects of the Victims Rights Act concerning notifications, including a specific notice he received concerning the offender convicted of murdering his son. Mr. Sullivan, in response to a question, clarified his testimony. Representative Wist commented, and Mr. Sullivan responded.

03:38 PM --
Ms. Leanna Stoufer, representing herself and Project Safeguard, testified before the committee. She discussed a crime of which she was a victim. She explained that information she received as a victim concerning sentencing was not accurate. Ms. Stoufer explained issues with opt-in victim services. She also discussed concerns with plea deals.

03:48 PM

Ms. Stoufer continued to discuss her experiences. She responded to questions concerning facts considered by the Parole Board, and the appropriateness of the sentence in her case.

03:56 PM --
Mr. Tim Lopez, representing himself, testified about a case in which the offender plea bargained to a twenty-year sentence and committed subsequent crimes after release. He further discussed the parole system. Mr. Lopez discussed issues relating to plea bargains. He discussed the circumstances specific to a case in which he was a victim.

04:08 PM

Mr. Lopez continued to speak on the issues relating to opt-in and opt-out victims services.

04:13 PM --
Ms. Doralee Larson, representing the Denver Metro Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board, testified before the committee. She provided written information to the committee (Attachment Q). Ms. Larson discussed a study of offenses committed by domestic violence offenders. She discussed issues with plea bargains and the facts of cases and related pleas.

170809 AttachQ.pdf170809 AttachQ.pdf

04:21 PM --
Ms. Jenn Doe, representing herself, testified before the committee. She explained a situation in which she was a victim of violent crime, and discussed her experience with victims services. Ms. Doe specifically advocated for opt-out victims services, and increased options for means by which victims receive notifications.