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i_sentencingreform_2017a_2017-08-09t09:04:26z6 Hearing Summary

Date: 08/09/2017

Location: SCR 357


CCJJ Task Force Community Corrections Recommendation


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03:00 PM -- CCJJ Community Corrections Task Force Recommendation on New Community Corrections Reentry Referral Process

Ms. Melissa Roberts, Parole Director, Department of Corrections, appeared before the committee. A copy of her presentation is appended as Attachment P. Ms. Roberts discussed the process by which offenders are placed in community corrections, including the difference for offenders who have committed a crime of violence. She further discussed the work of the CCJJ Community Corrections Task Force ("task force") and recommendations concerning those who have completed the community corrections program, but are not granted parole by the Parole Board.

170809 AttachP.pdf170809 AttachP.pdf

03:11 PM

Ms. Roberts and the committee discussed recent legislation concerning the purposes of parole. Ms. Roberts continued to explain recommendations made by the task force.

Ms. Roberts, in response to a question, stated that the task force's work was complete, and that the task force was no longer in existence. She stated it was unlikely that the task force would be reformed. Ms. Roberts also responded to a question concerning local control of programs such as community corrections. In response to questions, Ms. Roberts stated that DOC voted in support of task force recommendations 1 and 3, and not in support of recommendation 2. Senator Kagan commented.