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i_opioidsubstance_2017a_2017-10-23t09:32:09z1 Hearing Summary

Date: 10/23/2017

Location: RM 271


BILL SUMMARY for Bill Discussion - Bill 2


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10:08 AM -- Bill Discussion - Bill 2

Kristen Forrestal, representing the Office of Legislative Legal Services, gave a general overview of Bill 2 (Attachment B). The bill restricts the number of opioid pills that a health care practitioner, including physicians, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, and dentists, may prescribe for an initial prescription to a 7-day supply and one refill for a 7-day supply, with certain exceptions. The bill clarifies that a health care practitioner may electronically prescribe opioids. Current law allows health care practitioners and other individuals to query the prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP). The bill requires health care practitioners to query the program except under specified circumstances, and requires the practitioner to indicate his or her specialty or practice area upon the query. Amendments 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 were distributed (Attachments C, D, E, F, and G).

17Opioid1023AttachB.pdf17Opioid1023AttachB.pdf 17Opioid1023AttachC.pdf17Opioid1023AttachC.pdf

17Opioid1023AttachD.pdf17Opioid1023AttachD.pdf 17Opioid1023AttachE.pdf17Opioid1023AttachE.pdf

17Opioid1023AttachF.pdf17Opioid1023AttachF.pdf 17Opioid1023AttachG.pdf17Opioid1023AttachG.pdf

10:12 AM

Senator Priola explained that the language from amendment 1 mimics a law in North Carolina. He also presented two handouts (Attachments H and I). The members discussed the amendment.

17Opioid1023AttachH.pdf17Opioid1023AttachH.pdf 17Opioid1023AttachI.pdf17Opioid1023AttachI.pdf

10:26 AM

Representative Kennedy asked Ms. Forrestal and Senator Tate questions about the bill, including the mandate to use the PDMP.

10:29 AM

Dr. Rob Valuck, representing Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention, responded to committee questions.

10:38 AM

Representative Pettersen explained amendment 2.

10:40 AM

Dr. Valuck and Ms. Forrestal explained amendment 3.

10:41 AM

Senator Priola explained amendment 4 and expressed his interest in including an appropriate sunset timeline for the bill.

10:43 AM

Ms. Forrestal explained amendment 5.

10:46 AM --
Dr. Donald Stader, representing Colorado Medical Society, testified in a neutral capacity. Senator Priola asked Dr. Stader about e-prescribing. Dr. Stader continued to answer committee questions. Dr. Stader also spoke on behalf of the Colorado Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians (Colorado ACEP) in favor of supervised injection facilities. Committee members asked Dr. Stader about the positive and negative aspects of supervised injection facilities.

11:21 AM --
Dr. Shannon Jantz, representing Colorado Academy of Family Physicians, testified in a neutral capacity. Representative Buck asked Dr. Jantz about doctors' willingness to use the PDMP. Representative Kennedy asked Dr. Jantz about prescriptions from multiple providers. Senator Priola asked Dr. Jantz about anecdotal experience with the proportion of primary care patients who receive opioid prescriptions.

11:36 AM --
Dr. Laura Martin, representing Colorado Psychiatric Society and Colorado Society of Addiction Medicine, testified in a neutral capacity on Bill 2 and presented three handouts (Attachments J, K, and L). She discussed the value of including prescriptions for benzodiazepines in the PDMP. Representative Kennedy asked follow up questions.

17Opioid1023AttachJ.pdf17Opioid1023AttachJ.pdf 17Opioid1023AttachK.pdf17Opioid1023AttachK.pdf


11:42 AM --
Dr. Tom Denberg, representing Pinnacol Assurance, testified in a neutral capacity on Bill 2.

11:50 AM --
Gina Moore, representing the Colorado Pharmacists Society, testified in a neutral capacity. Representative Pettersen asked Ms. Moore about benzodiazepine.

11:56 AM --
Heidi Schlossberg, representing herself, testified in a neutral capacity.

12:13 PM --
Dr. Judy Zerzan, representing the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) , testified in a neutral capacity.

12:19 PM --
Brad Young, representing Rx Plus Pharmacies, testified in a neutral capacity.

12:24 PM -- Cindy Sovine-Miller, representing herself, testified in a neutral capacity. She provided a handout to the committee (Attachment M) and spoke about the benefits of cannabis use for pain.


12:30 PM -- Jennifer Goodrum, representing Colorado Dental Association, testified in support of the bill as drafted and discussed the barriers dentists face with electronic prescribing.

12:35 PM

The committee recessed.

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