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i_opioidsubstance_2017a_2017-09-12t09:06:11z5 Hearing Summary

Date: 09/12/2017

Location: RM 271


Evidence-Based Practices and Costs/Benefits Analysis


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01:24 PM -- Evidence-Based Practices and Costs/Benefits Analysis

Representative Pettersen called the committee back to order. Glenn Wright, Pew Charitable Trusts, and Jessica Corvinus and Tiffany Madrid, Office of State Budget and Planning, presented to the committee and distributed handouts (Attachment I and J). Mr. Wright explained Pew's substance use prevention and treatment research. He described medication assisted treatment and behavioral therapies, and explained cost benefit to the economy when individuals receive treatment for substance use. Mr. Wright described some barriers to treatment, including workforce gaps, lack of parity in insurance policies, and stigma around substance use.

17Opioid0912AttachI.pdf17Opioid0912AttachI.pdf 17Opioid0912AttachJ.pdf17Opioid0912AttachJ.pdf

01:36 PM

Ms. Corvinus explained the inception and work of the Colorado Results First program. Ms. Madrid described how the Results First Program has identified the best available research on opioid use disorder treatments. She described evidence based treatments including medication assisted treatment and nonmedication assisted treatments. Ms. Madrid noted that the most effective treatment programs are those that provide the most intensive behavioral therapy and daily opiate substitutions. She explained that some treatment programs are cost-effective but not necessarily highly effective treatments. Ms. Madrid provided cost-benefit analysis of methadone treatment and noted that the Results First Program is working on analyses of treatment programs that use bupenorphine, naltrexone, and suboxone.

01:47 PM

Ms. Corvinus responded to questions regarding fidelity of programs and methodology of the Results First Program analysis. Ms. Madrid responded to a question about effective length of treatment.

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