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i_opioidsubstance_2017a_2017-09-12t09:06:11z1 Hearing Summary

Date: 09/12/2017

Location: RM 271


DHS Opiate Policy Analysis and Needs Assessment


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09:08 AM -- DHS Opiate Policy Analysis and Needs Assessment

Donna Lynne, Lieutenant Governor of Colorado, presented to the committee and described the impact of the opioid epidemic on public safety and the economy in Colorado. She provided statistics on abuse of prescription drugs and overdose deaths in Colorado. Lieutenant Governor Lynne mentioned possible solutions to the opioid problem in Colorado, including mandatory use of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), prescribing limits, and continuing education for health care providers. Lieutenant Governor Lynne responded to committee questions regarding mandatory requirements and prior authorizations.

09:23 AM

Cristen Bates, Office of Behavioral Health (OBH), Colorado Department of Human Services (DHS), presented on a policy analysis report from OBH (Attachments C and D). She described legislation passed in other states in response to the opioid crisis. Ms. Bates summarized state prevention laws including prescribing limits, PDMP data and utilization, and safe disposal laws. She explained opioid treatment laws including provider training, expanding essential health benefits, regulations for substance use providers, and other insurer interventions. Ms. Bates summarized harm reduction laws including naloxone access, good samaritan laws, and injection drug use laws.

17Opioid0912AttachC.pdf17Opioid0912AttachC.pdf 17Opioid0912AttachD.pdf17Opioid0912AttachD.pdf

09:44 AM

Ms. Bates responded to questions regarding Colorado's legislation compared to other states and DHS's work with Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners regarding substance misuse.

09:49 AM

Marc Condojani, OBH, DHS, presented to the committee regarding the Colorado Needs Assessment for the SAMHSA State Targeted Response to the Opioid Crisis and distributed a handout (Attachment E). He described data on benzodiazepines, opioid prescriptions, and overdose death rates in Colorado. Mr. Condojani replied to a question regarding drugs that cause overdose deaths. He explained the benefit of Medicaid expansion to individuals with substance use disorders, opioid treatment programs, and office-based treatment programs. Mr. Condojani provided examples of barriers to access to detox, residential treatment, outpatient services, and methadone clinics. He summarized drug withdrawal management to the committee.


10:08 AM

Ms. Bates responded to questions regarding coordination of services. Ronnie Hines, Department of Regulatory Agencies, responded to a question regarding workforce issues.

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