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Energy Legislation Review Interim Study Committee

Reports, Issue Briefs, and Memoranda

June 20, 2019 Overview of the Energy Legislation Review Interim Study Committee
  2019 Summary of Energy Legislation
July 29, 2019 Committee Overview, Presented by Erin Reynolds, Legislative Council Staff
  Committee Deadlines, Presented by Jennifer Berman, Legislative Legal Services
  Presentation by Will Toor, Colorado Energy Office
  Presentation by Mike Ross & David Kelley, Southwest Power Pool
  Presentation by Stacey Crowley, CAISO
  Presentation by Jason Frisbie, Platte River Power Authority
  Handout from Platte River Power Authority - Platte River at a Glance
  Handout from Platte River Power Authority - Resource Diversification Policy 1.0
  Presentation by Emily Sanford Fisher, Edison Electric Institute
  Handout from Edison Electric Institute - FV Cost-Benefit Analysis - Further Information
  Handout from Vance Crocker, Black Hills Energy
  Presentation by Mark Dyson, Rocky Mountain Institute
  Handout from PUC Commissioner Frances Koncilja, Public Utilities Commission
  Handout from Commissioner John Gavan, Public Utilities Commission
  Presentation by Duane Highley, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association
  Handout from Michelle King, Colorado Energy Consumers
August 12, 2019 Presentation by Interwest Energy Alliance
  Presentation by NextEra Energy Resources
  Presentation by Renewable Energy Group
  Handout from Xcel Energy, Pawnee Generating Station
September 13, 2019 Presentation from Delta Brick and Climate Company
  Presentation from Grand Valley Power
  Presentation from La Plata Electric Association
  Presentation from Ruby Canyon Engineering
  Presentation from Raven Ridge Resources
  Presentation from Caerus Oil and Gas
November 4, 2019 Presentation on Community Choice Energy by the Local Energy Aggregation Network (LEAN) Energy, U.S.
  Presentation on Renewable Energy Recovery from the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District


Proposed Legislation

Bill Number Bill Designation Bill Topic Former Bill Designation Fiscal Note
HB 20-1059 Bill A Energy Storage System Property Tax Valuation Bill 3 Bill 3
SB 20-038 Bill B Statewide Biodiesel Blend Requirement Diesel Fuel Sales Bill 4 Bill 4
SB 20-012 Bill C Transmit Renewable Energy Conservation Easements Bill 5 Bill 5


Bills Not Recommended to Legislative Council

Bill Designation Bill Topic Fiscal Note
Bill 1 Financial Incentives for Clean Energy Projects Bill 1
Bill 2 Create Colorado Electric Transmission Authority Bill 2


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The effective date for bills enacted without a safety clause is August 7, 2024, if the General Assembly adjourns sine die on May 8, 2024, unless otherwise specified. Details