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i_comedicaidcl_2016a_2016-08-24t13:37:40z2 Hearing Summary

Date: 08/24/2016


Presentation of Legislative Recommendations by HCPF


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02:41 PM -- Presentation of Legislative Recommendations by HCPF

Chris Underwood, Health Information Director, HCPF, and Tom Massey, Deputy Executive Director, HCPF, summarized previous testimony to the committee and presented a handout (Attachment D) with recommendations. Mr. Massey discussed a legislative recommendation to implement findings from the Center for Health Literacy. He explained that HCPF would like to continue testing client communication, including testing notices that do not originate from the Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS).

160824 AttachD.pdf160824 AttachD.pdf

02:49 PM

In response to a question, Mr. Massey explained that state agencies have internal groups and stakeholders to periodically review client notices. He discussed the consumer feedback group. Senator Lundberg commented on the need for clients to provide feedback directly to HCPF. Representative Primavera asked about the implementation of the Center for Health Literacy recommendations. Mr. Underwood responded that new language for notices has not been implemented because it needs a legal review, and implementation is planned in March of 2017.

02:56 PM

Mr. Underwood described a recommendation to promote electronic and mobile options for receiving notices. He explained that HCPF is exploring additional ways to communicate with clients, especially on-line. Mr. Underwood described the challenges of income and household determinations. Mr. Underwood suggested that HCPF report on their progress with improving client communication at the SMART Act hearing.

03:00 PM

Mr. Massey responded to a question regarding a regular meeting to discuss client communication. He noted that HCPF has organized a group of mostly Medicaid clients or former clients that meets regularly, and could take on the responsibility of discussing client communications. Mr. Massey explained that additional resources would be needed to conduct more client testing and that HCPF must also follow federal regulations for correspondence. In response to a question, Mr. Underwood described the role of the Ombudsman to the committee. Mr. Massey explained staffing issues with scheduling hearings in response to a question. Ms. Arenales and Mr. Underwood discussed continuation of benefits during appeal.