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i_cocommmarijuana_2016a_2016-08-17t11:31:41z6 Hearing Summary

Date: 08/17/2016


Local government impact


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04:13 PM -- Local government impact

04:15 PM --
Eric Bergman, Colorado Counties, Inc., reviewed a presentation related to the impact of marijuana on Colorado counties (Attachment L).

Attachment L.pdfAttachment L.pdf

04:19 PM --
Chief Steven Johnson, Douglas County Sheriff's Office, provided testimony related to his office's activities concerning marijuana and provided a handout (Attachment M).

Attachment M.pdfAttachment M.pdf

04:24 PM --
Chief Marc Vasquez, Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police, provided testimony related to law enforcement activities related to marijuana.

04:30 PM --
Kelly Dunnaway, Deputy County Attorney for Douglas County, provided testimony related to the marijuana grey market and county-level activities.

04:36 PM

Mr. Bergman made concluding remarks related to legislative actions.

04:38 PM

The panel responded to questions from the committee. Douglas County Commissioner David Weaver also responded to questions from the committee.

04:48 PM --
Ed Wood, DUID Victim Voices, reviewed a presentation with the committee (Attachment N) and provided a handout to the committee (Attachment O).

Attachment N.pdfAttachment N.pdf Attachment O.pdfAttachment O.pdf

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