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i_cocommmarijuana_2016a_2016-07-20t14:32:10z4 Hearing Summary

Date: 07/20/2016


Committee Discussion


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03:26 PM -- Committee Discussion

Representative Pabon noted that Colorado Counties, Inc., and the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police have requested to present to the committee.

The committee discussed the time of the August 17 meeting.

Senator Holbert requested that the committee discuss online marijuana sales and the availability of marijuana to teens.

Senator Baumgardner noted the need to fill data gaps.

Committee discussion continued regarding teen marijuana use and acquisition.

03:36 PM

Senator Aguilar requested that the committee discuss how marijuana legalization has changed substance use among teens, as well as its effect on driving under the influence and opioid use. She further requested that the committee address the marijuana "gray market."

Representative Pabon noted possible future presenters, including law enforcement, the Governor's office, and the Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

Senator Holbert suggested that the committee look into potency and the state's marijuana reference library.

Representative Pabon discussed the need for additional scientific research. Senator Aguilar requested information from CDPHE about research done in other countries.

03:48 PM

Representative Singer suggested issues that have resulted from marijuana legalization, such as warehouse availability and racial disparity in drug arrests.

Senator Aguilar expressed interest in the difference in economic activity between localities that have legalized marijuana sales and those who have not.

Representative Willett noted several groups he has heard from requesting an opportunity to present before the committee. He also expressed interest in creating an in-depth tracking system. He discussed his goals when requesting the interim committee.

Representative Pabon requested that the committee address the caregiver model of medical marijuana distribution.

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