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Date Sep 19, 2019      
Location HCR 0112

Division of Fire Prevention and Control - Committee Discussion Only

09:05:30 AM  

Mike Morgan, Division Director, Division of Fire Prevention and Control, Colorado Department of Public Safety, introduced himself to the committee and described the division's work. Committee members received a packet of information from the division (Attachment A), including presentation slides.

09:08:22 AM  

Mr. Morgan discussed the division's mission and each section. He began with the Fire and Life Safety Section, which manages the state's fire, building, and life safety codes.  He then described the Fire Investigations Section, responding to questions about the canine role in fire investigations. Mr. Morgan explained that wildfire has become a public safety problem, rather than a natural resources problem, in Colorado.

09:14:55 AM  

Mr. Morgan described the Wildland Fire Management Section and discussed its work. He responded to a question from the committee about homeowners insurance in rural areas, discussing the fire protection rating classification system.  Discussion continued on this point.

09:24:39 AM  
Mr. Morgan talked about the new Colorado
Fire Commission, its makeup, and the division's goals with the commission.
 He also noted that the Wildland Fire Management Section recently
received additional funding and discussed their plans for these funds.
09:37:34 AM  
Mr. Morgan responded to committee member
questions about the division's fire management districts and regions, and
the leadership structure of battalion and district chiefs.  He explained
a recent restructuring of this model.

Vaughn Jones, Wildland Fire Management
Section, responded to additional questions about the districts.

09:47:38 AM  

Mr. Morgan discussed the division's single engine air tanker (SEAT), helitack, and multi-mission aircraft programs.  He responded to committee member questions about the use of military vehicles in firefighting.  He noted that the division has recently authorized the use of its helicopters for night operations.

09:58:37 AM  

Ben Miller, Director, Center of Excellence in Aerial Firefighting, discussed his section's work and current projects.  Mr. Morgan responded to committee member questions about the command and control of wildfires.  Discussion on this topic ensued.

10:24:46 AM  
Mr. Miller presented additional information about the Center of Excellence.
10:31:11 AM  
Mr. Jones discussed state support to assist
and enhance local fire response.  Mr. Morgan discussed trends in state
responsibility fires and state fire suppression costs, as well as the history
of large wildfires in the state.
10:41:00 AM  
Mr. Morgan discussed the division's working group recommendations and legislation passed in 2019.

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