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Date Aug 20, 2018      
Location Old State Library

Panel Discussion on Electricity Transmission - Committee Discussion Only

09:41:03 AM  

Chairman Jeffrey Ackerman, representing himself as a Public Utilities Commissoner, came to the table to discuss electricity generation and transmission.  He distributed a handout to the committee [Attachment D].  Comissioner Ackerman provided an introduction of serveral common market-related terms and highlighted several policy considerations currently facing regulators.

09:51:04 AM  

Commissioner Ackerman, in response to comittee questions, discussed regional transmission orgranization (RTO) models and governance.  He also discussed the Public Utilities Commission's role in electricty RTOs.

10:09:05 AM  

Mr. Jason Frisbie, representing the Platte River Power Authority, came to table to discuss services provided by the authority, along with power transmission and generation in Colorado.

10:11:06 AM  

Ms. Mary Ann Zehr, representing Tri-State Generation and Transmission, came to the table to discuss Tri-State's recent activities.

10:13:07 AM  

Mr. Dan Kline, representing Black Hills Energy, came to the table to discuss electricity transmission and distribution.  He noted that each individual utility faces different challenges when joining an RTO and its impact on customers.

10:18:08 AM  

Mr. Joe Taylor, representing Xcel Energy, came to the table to discuss Xcel Energy's participation in RTOs.

10:22:09 AM  

In response to committee questions, Mr. Frisbie, Ms. Zehr, Mr. Kline, and Mr. Taylor answered addtional questions regarding policy considerations and decision-making processes utilities unergoe when deciding whether to join an RTO.

10:30:10 AM  

Mr. Eric Tharp, representing Colorado Springs Utilities, discussed his company's transmission and distribution infrastructure.

10:44:11 AM  

Mr. Bryan Hannegan, representing Holy Cross Energy, came to the table to discuss Holy Cross's response to recent wildfires.  He continued by discussing resilienancy, the roles played by rural electric associations, electric system diversity, and local decision making.

10:49:12 AM  

Mr. John Parker, representing United Power Cooperative, came to the table to discuss United Power's services and viewpoints on RTO memebership.

10:51:13 AM  

In response to committee questions, Mr. Tharp, Mr. Hannegan, and Mr. Parker discussed the postitive and negative aspects of joining an RTO.

11:08:14 AM  

Mr. Bill Malcolm and Mr. Bill Levis, representing AARP, came to the table to discuss electricity transmission and Colorado's possible participation in an RTO.

11:20:15 AM  

Ms. Michelle King, representing Colorado Energy Consumers, came to the table to discuss the group's activities and possible Colorado participation in an RTO.

11:38:16 AM  

Ms. Meredith Kapushion, representing the Independence Institute, discussed electricity transmission and Colorado's participation in an RTO.

11:44:17 AM  

Mr. Mike Nasi, representing the Coalition of Ratepayers, came to the table to address Colorado RTO participation and answer committee questions.

12:05:18 PM  

The committee recessed.

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