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CC307CEE80993CA787258477006EDE65 Hearing Summary


Date Sep 16, 2019      
Location Old State Library

Presentation from AAA Colorado - Committee Discussion Only

02:11:01 PM  

Skyler McKinley, representing AAA, presented to the committee about driver education in Colorado and distrubted a copy of his presentation (Attachment D). He started with displaying crash data and fatalities rising in Colorado.  He stated that education would be helpful and that Colorado does not require driving experience and a course. Many other states require education and experience behind the wheel.

02:24:38 PM  

He continued by stating that comprehensive education for all drivers is recommended. He stated that there is no application fee for a person wanting to start a driver school and that if a fee structure is created schools could be regulationed and driver education for foster and rural youth could be subsidized.  He also noted that there is no background check and fingerprint check for for drivers education instructors. 

02:28:12 PM  

The committee discussed the connections between traffic safety outcomes and training programs.

02:30:15 PM  

Committee discussed the cost of driver education for lower income families.

02:32:30 PM  

The committee discussed the number of unlicensed drivers due to unavailability of driver education courses and the cost of driver education courses.  

02:34:48 PM  

The committee discussed fatalaties linked to younger drivers, as well as those from folks passing through the state or moving from out-of-state. 

02:36:47 PM  

The committee discussed savings on insurance for taking a driver education class. 

02:38:49 PM  

The committee discussed the value of safe driving and the connection to public health.