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Date Sep 4, 2019      
Location HCR 0109

Policy Recommendation 1: Children's Budget - Committee Discussion Only

03:25:57 PM  

The committee returned to its discussion of the first policy recommendation. Mr. Schwartz responded to committee concerns, and suggested that a narrower effort focused on a specific topic could help. He expressed support for the committee's suggestion of limiting the topic to youth behavioral health. Senator Court again questioned the necessity of a bill on the proposal.

03:28:50 PM  

Ms. Logan suggested that 0-18 be the age range applied to the children's budget proposal. Senator Court suggested that a bill could define an age range for youth in state law. Representative McKean discussed the possibility of legislation adding a reporting requirement regarding state spending on youth.

03:36:52 PM  

Mr. Schwartz noted the benefit to COYAC of having a bill come out of the review committee. Legislators on the committee made additional suggestions toward a possible bill draft.

03:48:37 PM  

Committee members discussed the useful elements that could be pulled into a bill draft. Representative McKean suggested that a bill be drafted on the topic and brought for further discussion at the committee's next meeting. Mr. Schwartz, Ms. Logan, Mr. Arciniaga, and Ms. Shaik responded to the discussion. They noted the value of committee action but added that any bills proposed should be bills the committee cares about and fully supports.

04:03:26 PM  

Senator Court noted that the bill draft would need to be further clarified and refined. Discussion continued on the bill's potential fiscal note.

Pursuant to HJR20-1007, the Second Regular Session of the 72nd General Assembly is Temporarily Adjourned until 10:00 a.m., Monday, March 30, 2020. 

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