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C6B307CDDD0961A58725876500608F7A Hearing Summary


Date Oct 5, 2021      
Location Old State Library

Presentation from the Department of Public Safety - Committee Discussion Only

11:34:53 AM  
The committee recessed
for lunch.
12:36:25 PM  
The committee reconvened.
12:38:23 PM  
Robert Force, representing
the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority (CATPA); Sergeants Josh Boden
and James Hirth, representing the Colorado State Patrol (CSP); and Captain
Mike Honn, representing the CSP, introduced themselves. Mr. Force provided
an overview of catalytic converter theft. He shared that Colorado is ranked
 number two for vehicle thefts nationwide. Mr. Force said that CATPA
is working to better understand why catalytic converter thefts continue
to increase. He stated that catalytic converters are easy to steal and
hard to identify or assign to a particular vehicle.

Mr. Force indicated that CATPA is working with groups, such as the International
Association of Auto Theft Investigators, and has developed recommendations
to curb catalytic converter theft. He went on to say that a few states
passed comprehensive laws to address catalytic converter theft.  However,
he indicated that Colorado does not have a law that addresses the enforcement
of catalytic converter theft. He recommended diff erentiating between general
auto theft and catalytic converter theft.  He provided a presentation
(Attachment C).

Mr. Force responded to questions from the committee.
01:14:23 PM  
Captain Mike Honn
continued the presentation by introducing Sergeants Josh Boden and James
Hirth. Sergeant Boden began the presentation by providing an overview on
the aging demographic in Colorado. He presented that Colorado has seen
a 55 percent increase in retirees over the last few years with fatal crashes
predominantly taking place among drives ages 50 to 59. Sergeant Boden said
that CSP encourages family members, friends, physicians, and others to
discuss driving safety with aging individuals.

The panelists responded to questions from the committee.

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