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C359C5D160CAD18A872589EC005367B5 Hearing Summary


Date Jul 14, 2023      
Location HCR 0107

Discussion of pending litigation - Committee Discussion Only

09:11:10 AM  
Sharon Eubanks, Director
of the Office of Legislative Legal Services (OLLS), introduced the hearing
item and reviewed the allegations made in the complaint filed in the Denver
District court.
09:12:29 AM  
Senator Gonzales,
chair, asked if the committee had questions.
09:13:23 AM  
Representative Dickson
asked if each of the different parties in the suit required separate proceedings.
09:13:57 AM  
Sharon Eubanks, OLLS,
explained that it would require just one proceeding but that the defendants
may be represented by separate counsel.
09:14:34 AM  
Representative Soper,
vice chair, asked if there were any claims within the lawsuit that were
private rather than dealing with official public action.
09:15:55 AM  
Sharon Eubanks, OLLS,
explained that in terms of the open meetings law, the lawsuit applies to
those acting in a public capacity as a state public body and in their performance
of duties as legislators.
09:17:39 AM  
Senator Gonzales,
chair, moved on to retention of counsel after seeing no further questions.

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