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Date Aug 14, 2019      
Location HCR 0112

Colorado NextCycle Program - Committee Discussion Only

10:06:37 AM  

Rachel Wilson-Roussel, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), introduced the panel to the committee and gave a background on the Colorado NextCycle Program.

10:06:45 AM  

Juri Freeman, representing Colorado NextCycle, presented on this grant program within CDPHE that focuses on developing end markets for recyclables in Colorado and provided a handout to the committee (Attachment E).  Mr. Freeman presented on how the NextCycle program grants money, collects data, and provides business expertise to selected organizations.

10:16:09 AM  

Mr. Freeman responded to questions from the committee about geographical locations of NextCycle grantees and the amount of money funded to the selected organizations.  

10:19:32 AM  

Adin Alai, representing 9Fiber, presented via phone conference about the work of his organization through the NextCycle program.  Mr. Alai stated that 9Fiber is an organization that turns hemp agricultural waste into reusable fibers to produce textiles, nanotechnology parts, and paper products.

10:24:20 AM  

Mr. Alai responded to questions from the committee about outdoor marijuana growing in Pueblo county, hemp and marijuana waste composting, and whether 9Fiber's process can be used in other agricultural technology sectors.

10:27:57 AM  

Adam Hill, representing Direct Polymers, presented on the work of his organization through the NextCycle Program.  Mr. Hill stated that Direct Polymers is a Colorado-based plastic processing company that buys and sells plastics.  Mr. Hill described the difficulties of selling post-consumer used plastics versus post-industrial plastics and how Direct Polymers is working with the state to get plastic processing capabilities into Colorado.  

10:41:40 AM  

Mr. Hill responded to questions from the committee about plastics blending, rural issues with recycling processes, energy usage of Direct Polymers, and how Direct Polymers is moving towards focusing on consumer plastics.

10:49:58 AM  

Ms. Wilson-Roussel discussed how Colorado purchases goods through the NextCycle program and how the state can encourage environmental purchasing through the procurement process.

10:50:59 AM  

Mr. Freeman responded to questions from the committee about single-hauler ballot initiatives and waste management monopolies.