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Date Aug 22, 2019      
Location Old State Library

Presentation from the Public Utilities Commission - Committee Discussion Only

08:35:12 AM  

Mr. Gene Camp, Deputy Director of Fixed Utilities and Chief Engineer of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), came to the table to discuss the PUC's work and the regulation of the investor-owned utilities in Colorado.

08:38:33 AM  

Mr. Camp continued by discussing rate determination and structure.  He noted that rate determination a reasonable rate of return on investment for utilities.

08:40:58 AM  

Mr. Camp discussed Xcel Energy's time-of-use pilot.  Mr. Camp noted that Black Hills Energy will not be starting a time-of-use pilot at this time.

08:43:36 AM  
Mr. Camp answered a question concerning advanced metering infrastructure and noted that they are considered investments and included in part of the rate base.
08:46:20 AM  
Mr. Camp continued to answer several questions regarding investments in infrastructure by utilities.
08:51:56 AM  

Mr. Camp continued by highlighting the PUC's authority in statute to audit investor-owned utilities in Colorado.

08:52:28 AM  

Mr. Camp continued by discussing the statutes and rules governing annual reporting by investor-owned utilities to the PUC.  He also noted that some reporting is recived by the commission through rate cases or that the commission may require extra reporting on large infrastructure investments.

09:08:00 AM  

Mr. Camp discussed disconnect and reconnect reports that are received quarterly and noted that staff looks for trends in these reports.

09:09:16 AM  
Mr. Camp answered questions regarding a recent sensitivity analysis and energy resource plans.
09:13:03 AM  
Mr. Camp continued by discussing electric vehicle deployment plans.
09:15:41 AM  
Mr. Camp continued by discussing battery deployment plans for investor-owned utilities.
09:17:41 AM  
Mr. Camp answered a question regarding investor-owned utilities and the authority to deploy batteries.
09:23:59 AM  

Mr. Camp continued by discussing municipal exit fees and noted that PUC and FERC both have jurisdiction on aspects of exit fees.

09:28:31 AM  
Mr. Camp continued by discussing the PUC's authority of independent power producers.
09:28:52 AM  
Mr. Camp continued by discussing community choice aggregation.
09:29:29 AM  
Mr. Camp noted that it would require a change in law to allow local governments to procure power on behalf of their residents, businesses, and municipal accounts from an alternative supplier.
09:30:40 AM  

Mr. Camp answered questions regarding the public's participation in PUC rate cases.  Ms. Tracy, a member of the committee, distributed a handout [Attachment A].

09:35:40 AM  

In response to committee questions, Mr. Camp stated that most advertising and lobbying expenses are not included in the rate base, but some safety program advertising costs are allowed.  He also discussed the interpretation of absolute necessity.

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