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Date Feb 11, 2020      
Location Old State Library

SB20-074 - Postponed Indefinitely

03:46:32 PM  
Senator Lundeen introduced Senate Bill 20-074. The bill creates the Highly Effective Teacher Bonus Program to distribute money to local education providers for bonuses and recruiting incentives for highly effective teachers. He responded to questions from the committee.
04:05:33 PM  
Committee discussion on the bill continued.
04:10:42 PM  
Kevin Vick, Colorado Education Association, testified in opposition to the bill.
04:17:56 PM  
Rob Gould, Colorado Classroom Teachers Association, testified in opposition to the bill. Mr. Gould responded to questions from the committee.
04:23:02 PM  
Mr. Gould and Mr. Vick responded to committee questions regarding the effectiveness of teacher bonuses.
04:26:23 PM  
Committee discussion with Mr. Gould and Mr. Vick continued.
04:42:30 PM  
Luke Ragland, Ready Colorado, testified in support of the bill.
04:51:25 PM  
Senator Lundeen made closing remarks on the bill.
04:55:07 PM  
Committee members made closing comments on the bill.

05:02:32 PM
Motion Refer Senate Bill 20-074 to the Committee on Appropriations.
Moved Lundeen
Hansen No
Lundeen Yes
Tate Yes
Todd No
Woodward Yes
Lee No
Gonzales No
YES: 3   NO: 4   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  FAIL

05:02:43 PM
Motion Postpone Senate Bill 20-074 indefinitely using a reversal of the previous roll call. There was no objection to the use of the reverse roll call, therefore, the bill was postponed indefinitely.
Moved Gonzales
Hansen Yes
Lundeen No
Tate No
Todd Yes
Woodward No
Lee Yes
Gonzales Yes
Final YES: 4   NO: 3   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

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