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Date Dec 13, 2018      
Location SCR 352

Update on HRWorks Project - Committee Discussion Only

12:36:25 PM  
Sumana (Suma) Nallapati, Secretary of Information and Chief
Information Officer with the Governor's Office of Information Technology
(OIT) provided an update to the committee on the HRWorks Project.  Secretary
Nallapati introduced the other presenters with her at the table - June
Taylor, Executive Director of the Department of Personnel and Administration,
and Dan Santangelo, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Technology
Officer with OIT.

Secretary Nallapati provided a summary of the main goal
of the HRWork project, including to provide State of Colorado employees
with an integrated human resources payroll, benefits, and time and leave
system.  Secretary Nallapati explained that the project leadership
team, along with executive leadership team, decided to delay the launch
of HRWorks to ensure full functionality of the system, including necessary
time to build, test, configure, and make sure that the agencies that will
be receiving the HRWorks system feel fully supported.

12:38:26 PM  
Mr. Santangelo continued with the presentation to the committee.
 He described the objectives of the HRWorks project, including a human
capital management system, benefits solution, time and leave, and payroll
solution.  He described the challenges related to the HRWorks project,
including the process of constantly evaluating the project status, and
how the project leadership team determined that the project was not meeting
the expected progress.

Mr. Santangelo explained that the project leadership team
decided to bifurcate the project, by focusing on the human capital management
(HCM) component of the deployment and pushing out the deployment of the
time and leave and payroll solution.  He continued to discuss how
the HCM solution is currently at a 98 percent rollout.  With the addition
of benefits, the rollout is at a 75 percent completion.  Mr. Santangelo
explained that the goal of bifurcating the project is to complete this
portion of the project, show success with this portion of the project,
and to address and evaluate the decision process moving forward with the
second phase of the project.

12:40:24 PM  
Director Taylor described how the project
team is prioritizing its resources to focus first on the HCM portion of
the HRWorks project.  Director Taylor described how this now coincides
with the time frame when the state will need to procure a new benefits
solution and the savings that will be realized by having the same resources
dedicated to these two components.

Director Taylor explained that the open
enrollment phase in April/May will still be under Benefit Solver and will
be uninterrupted.  Director Taylor explained that the project leadership
team and executive steering committee for the project will continue to
inform and update the Joint Technology Committee and Joint Budget Committee
on the status of the second phase of the project.  

12:43:20 PM  
Director Taylor and Secretary Nallapati
responded to questions from the committee related to any concerns about
any anticipated service interruptions from the users' perspective, the
training that will be provided with the HCM rollout, the potential budgetary
implications of the new extended timeline, if any contractual changes will
be required to accompany the new phased approach to the project.