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Date Feb 21, 2018      
Location SCR 357

HB18-1044 - Committee Discussion Only

02:06:52 PM  
Senator Priola, sponsor, presented House Bill 18-1044 to the committee. The bill changes the duties and membership of the Colorado Children's Trust Fund board.

Senator Priola discussed amendment L.010 [Attachment B] with the committee.

02:14:36 PM  

MaryAnne Snyder, Director of the Office of Early Childhood, Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS), testified in support of the bill.

02:18:25 PM  
Rachel Smallwood, representing herself, testified in support of the bill.
02:19:30 PM  
Ms. Snyder responded to committee member questions.

Senator Priola commented on the bill.

02:21:45 PM  
Jordan Steffen, representing the Office of the Child Protection Ombudsman, testified in support of the bill.
02:24:42 PM  
Evie Hudak, representing Colorado PTA, testified in support of the bill.
02:27:38 PM  
Jade Woodard, representing Illuminate Colorado, testified in support of the bill.
02:30:19 PM  

Kendra Dunn, CDHS, responded to committee member questions about the bill. Ms. Snyder returned to the table to respond to committee member questions.

02:37:49 PM  
Senator Priola wrapped up his presentation of the bill.

Committee members commented on the bill.

02:41:36 PM  

The chair laid the bill over to February 26, 2018, for action only. Committee discussion ensued.

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