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Date Jul 11, 2019      
Location Old State Library

Parents, Students, and Teachers Panels - Committee Discussion Only

03:06:23 PM  

Ethan Reed, representing himself, testified about his experience with friends who were present during a school shooting. He also spoke about his experience during a school lockout during the spring of 2019.

03:12:01 PM  

Jack Begley, representing himself, spoke about his experience as a remote observer of the school shooting in Parkland, FL. He stated that he wants to see "common sense" gun legislation.

03:16:46 PM  
Sophia Henry, representing herself, talked about local control over the adoption of school safety plans. She stated her support for more information for students during incidents and more accessibility to mental health support in schools.
03:20:53 PM  

The panel responded to questions from the committee about the effect of drills on the emotional well-being of students.

03:27:44 PM  

Andrea Chavez, representing herself, talked about an active shooter drill that her son experienced. She stated her opinion that more mental health or social work services need to be available in schools.

03:31:26 PM  
Jessica Rowe, representing herself, spoke about the need for a statewide uniform policy that school districts adopt. She talked about her experience studying the 2013 Arapahoe High School shooting. She talked extensively about physical security measures.
03:40:21 PM  
Kelly Holly, representing herself, talked about her son's experience as a student at STEM School Highlands Ranch during the 2019 shooting. She mentioned the importance of teaching children about relationships and community-building.
03:46:00 PM  
Kayla Steele, representing herself, talked about her experience as a teacher and her opinions about how the issue of school safety should be addressed. She discussed the training she receives from her school district and the critical lack of mental health and social work services in schools.
03:53:58 PM  
Jennifer Martinez, representing herself, discussed the stress she has observed among the first graders she teaches and how difficult it makes the job of teaching. She reiterated the need for more mental health services in the schools.

The effective date for bills enacted without a safety clause is August 7, 2024, if the General Assembly adjourns sine die on May 8, 2024, unless otherwise specified. Details