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Date Jul 20, 2018      
Location HCR 0112

Status of Medication Assisted Treatment in Colorado - Committee Discussion Only

11:37:21 AM  

Linda Zittleman, University of Colorado, discussed the It MATTTERs Colorado program and provided a handout to the committee [Attachment C]. The program is a multi-faceted MAT intervention to build primary care practice capacity to treat opioid use disorders. She focused on the extent of the opioid epidemic in rural areas of the state. She discussed MAT provider training and pointed out that the program has provided training to 330 providers and 820 patients have benefited from the program thus far.  She discussed the team training program which focuses on training all of the employees in a medical practice to provide follow-up care to patients using MAT.

11:50:03 AM  

Ms. Zittleman discussed the need to reduce the stigma surrounding substance use disorders and increase awareness, knowledge, and utilization of MAT in rural primary care practices.  She discussed the public service announcements the program uses to support these efforts.

11:57:12 AM  

Ms. Zittleman responded to questions about the specifics of the program.  Committee discussion followed about the effects on consumers of advertising by drug companies.

12:08:29 PM  

Cristen Bates, Office of Behavioral Health (OBH), Department of Human Services, provided a handout to the committee [Attachment D].

12:10:23 PM  

Marc Condojani, OBH, presented on MAT expansion in Colorado.  He discussed MAT, opioid treatment programs (OTP), office-based opioid treatment, the specific medications used in MAT, the effectiveness of MAT, and the OBH's Wildly Important Goal of expanding MAT services to 50 percent of individuals with an opioid use disorder.

12:20:17 PM  

Cristen Bates, OBH, continued the presentation.  She discussed OBH's MAT expansion activities, contracts and funding for opioid treatment programs, training providers through the It MATTTERs program, the Lift the Label Campaign, and MAT in community settings, including county jails.  Discussion followed about strategies to expand MAT into more county jails.

12:33:50 PM  

Ms. Bates continued her presentation. She briefed the committee on OBH's efforts to expand the State Opioid Response Grant and a new federal grant.  Ms. Bates concluded her presentation.

12:36:03 PM  

Committee members discussed concerns about the amount of paperwork involved with becoming a MAT provider and resources available to providers to help them comply with the regulatory requirements.

12:41:15 PM  

Representative Pettersen recessed the meeting.

01:48:00 PM  

Representative Pettersen reconvened the meeting.

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