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7C015677125158078725878E005C2747 Hearing Summary


Date Nov 10, 2021      
Location HCR 0112

Revision of Committee on Legal Services Rules - Committee Discussion Only

01:46:33 PM  
Julie Pelegrin, OLLS, testified on the proposed
redrafted procedural rules for the Committee on Legal Services.
01:47:33 PM  
The committee considered
rules regarding electing the chair and vice chair; the number of votes
required to approve a motion; when a roll call vote is required; expressing
the sentiment of the committee by motion, adoption of a resolution, or
letter from the chair; polling committee members outside of a committee
meeting; and reconsideration of actions taken.
01:48:12 PM  
The committee discussed and agreed to continue
annual elections of the chair and vice chair as required in the current
01:58:37 PM  
The committee discussed and decided to clarify
the rule concerning a quorum to allow approval of a motion by a majority
of a quorum or a majority of those present, whichever is greater.
02:02:22 PM  
The committee discussed and agreed that
a roll call vote on a motion is required only when a member objects, except
with regard to motions to extend a rule.
02:05:25 PM  
The committee discussed and decided to continue
to authorize the committee to express sentiments by the adoption of a resolution
or motion and to also allow an expression of sentiments by the chair by
letter on the committee's behalf.
02:11:02 PM  
The committee discussed
and agreed to continue authorizing the committee to take action by polling
outside of a meeting on any question as long as the chair and vice chair
agree that a poll is necessary because of the time sensitivity of the issue.
If the committee takes action by poll, it must ratify the action by vote
at the next committee hearing, except with regard to decisions to retain
legal counsel. The committee discussed introducing a bill to amend the
committee's statutes to codify the authorization for polling the committee
as an exception to the open meetings law.
02:13:17 PM  
Sharon Eubanks, OLLS,
testified on rules regarding polling

of the committee.
02:30:15 PM  
The committee discussed
and decided that for reconsideration, when sitting as a committee of reference,
applicable House or Senate rules apply, and otherwise a new hybrid rule
will apply.
02:39:24 PM  
The Committee directed
the staff to make the necessary changes to the draft of committee rules,
as discussed, and present the final draft of the rules to the Committee
for approval at the December meeting.