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Date Oct 28, 2019      
Location Old State Library

Presentation from the Colorado Motor Carriers - Committee Discussion Only

01:54:34 PM  

Greg Fulton, representing the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, provided an update to the committee.  He distributed a copy of his presentation to the committee (Attachment F). Mr. Fulton provided some basic facts to the committee:  84 percent of manufactured freight commodities are transported by truck and that 79 percent of communities are served by trucks. He stated that trucks comprise 6 percent of vehicle miles traveled.

He continued by stating that the key issues facing frieght include traffic, the shortage of drivers and mechanics, inadequate parking for drivers, last mile issues, distracted driving, and insurance for trucks. He stated that truck parking is needed for mandated breaks and that the Freight Advisory Council in CDOT is working on this issue. In addition, he noted that delivery often occurs in urban areas where there are fewer freight loading locations abd that there is competition for parking with Uber and Lyft drivers. He noted that distracted driving is a big issue and that insurance costs for trucks have increased around 20 to 50 percent

He highlighted that there has been a 98 percent reduction in emissions since 1988, due to changes in engines and newer model trucks. He noted that newer trucks are also more safe and that truck involvement in fatal crashes has declined by 85 percent.

02:11:43 PM  

Mr. Fulton discussed proposed legislation regarding annual fleet overweight divisible load permits.  He stated that there are two permits and that the proposed bill would lead to efficiencies.

The second bill Mr. Fulton discussed included VIN vehicle verification inspections. He noted that the change in law would be more efficient and that the law includes verification, not a full inspection.

Mr. Fulton asked that proposed legislation on hazardous materials permitting be deferred at this time.  He stated that discussions continue on this issue.

02:14:33 PM  

Mr. Fulton responded to questions about VIN verifications and the draft bill. He stated that program will not replace other VIN verifications and that the inspection only involves verifying the number on paper documents, not a database record.