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Date Sep 16, 2019      
Location Old State Library

Presentation from the Colorado Department of Transportation - Committee Discussion Only

09:06:08 AM  

Executive Director Shoshana Lew, Chief Engineer Josh Laipply, and Chief Finanical Officer Jeff Sudmeier from the Department of Transportation (CDOT) presented information about the department (Attachment A). Director Lew began with an overview of work on U.S. Highway 36 after cracks in the highway from slope failure resulted in the loss of a retaining wall in late July 2019. The issue was repaired with geofoam blocks and load distribution layers are now being placed at the site.  According to CDOT, the highway should be open in late October. 

09:15:02 AM  

The committee discussed the monitoring the ground on both sides of the highway and other sections. Mr. Laipply indicated that no further monitoring will take place, as the area is in a dry lake bed and retaining walls on other portions of the highway are not as tall as the area where slope failure occurred.


09:22:08 AM  

Christian Guevara, repersenting Plenary, came to the table to answer several committee questions.  He discussed Plenary's contract with CDOT and maintenance obligations. He stated that the term major maintenance is defined in the contract.

09:33:27 AM  

The committee discussed toll revenue with CDOT and Pleanary, including any increases and communication with the public. Plenary stated that tolls will not increase to cover repairs to U.S. 36.  In addition, Mr. Laipply indicated that these costs are addressed in the department's resiliency efforts. Director Lew also indicated that there is usually a reserve for mainenance and that if these costs continue to rise due to extreme weather events or conditions then conversations about handling these issues as they relate to infrastructure will need to occur.

09:41:51 AM  

Ms. Lew continued by discussing the current planning process.  The commitee discussed statewide vs. regional funding models.

09:55:17 AM  

Ms. Lew continued by highlighing the Senate Bill 19-267 projects and project priority planning.

10:09:41 AM  

In response to a committee question,  Mr. Sudmeier indicated that according to economic forecasts it appears that $60 million may be available for roads the  first year from Proposition CC, if it passes. He stated that CDOT has begun discussions for possible ways to allocate possible funds from Proposition CC. 

10:18:28 AM  

Director Lew and Mr. Laipply discussed how CDOT is seeking input from those unable to particpate in the transportation planning process  CDOT stated that those unable to participate in person may place a pin on map where they believe a problem exists.  Currently, there are 17,305 pins that include day-to-day issues and big picture issues.

10:23:35 AM  

David Krutsinger, representing CDOT's Division of Transit and Rail, provided information about the Multi-Modal Options Fund.

10:27:45 AM  

Director Lew contiued by discussing emerging technologies and CDOT's current SB19-239 stakeholder meeting process. In addition, the committee discussed reduced revenues and a possible adjustment of the electric vehicle fee.  CDOT representatives noted that, in terms of the long-term budget, electric vehicle fees are a negligible portion of the revenue and that the fuel efficiency of a vehicle will have more of an effect over time.

10:34:02 AM  

Kyle Lester, representing CDOT, continued by discussing chain law compliance under House BIll 19-1207.  He stated that the department looked at several enforcement options, including stopping traffic, education, and check stations during winter events.  However, many of these options may cause traffic back-ups and costs to public.  He stated that the department will continue its education efforts.

10:48:32 AM  

The committee began discussing closures on I-70.  Mr. Lester indicated that there are protocols for a variety of situations. 

10:53:20 AM  

Mr. Sudmeier continued by discussing recent changes CDOT is implementing to address state auditor recommendations from an audit in early June.  He stated that most recommendations should be implemented by the end of the calendar year.